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A Walk in Fratta Polesine

There is no place like Fratta Polesine in the world, the best known little quiet village in the district of Rovigo. Small burg, few people, more than 3000 years of history.

The story of Fratta started in Prehistory, when this place was considered the center for commercial trades of various materials and products, such as the amber from Baltic.
Following the pitoresque Scortico canal, fascination is complete: beautiful private houses of the most important Venetian noblefamilies on each side, the so called “ville”, dated back to the XVI and the XVIII century, elegant trees embellish the lovely facades.
The climax is a masterpiece by Andrea Palladio: Villa Badoer. Simple lines, pure figures for respecting the basic rules of the father of our Architecture: “bellezza”, “commodità”, “perpetuità”, a beautiful, comfortable residence for eternity.
The walking tour in Fratta is a journey throughout art, architecture, archaeology, tradition, all in less than 3 squared kilometers!

A Walk in Rovigo

Rovigo is the main city of the Southern part of Veneto Region, capital of Polesine. Unknown for the most of people, it is a good alternative for tourists looking for the authentic Italy.

Real people, real life, concentrated all around the nice main squares: Piazza
Vittorio and Piazza Garibaldi, the heroes of Risorgimento, fundamental period leading to unit of Italy in XIX.
The visit starts close to the Medieval Towers, built in X century; nowadays the empty space above towers is called Piazza Matteotti, an homage to Giacomo Matteotti, martyr during Fascism. A curiosity, the Donà Tower was the tallest one in Italy in that century!
Walking along the main street, Corso del Popolo, the sight is captured by an interesting line of building from various period, the perfect timeline to understand specific local events and the influence of movement of art and architecture in town.
The stroll on Rovigo promenade is easy and generous of beautiful points of view, excellent for photography addicted.

A Walk in Chioggia and Sottomarina

“Chioggia is the little sister of Venice…”, how many books and journals start descriptions of this island with these words… but it is a big mistake! With more than 2000 years of history, Chioggia dated back to Roman times, so it is the grandmother of the capital of Veneto region, older and calmer than the chaotic Venice, perfect with its good vibes and guaranteed breeze.

In the Southern part of Venice lagoon, Chioggia and Sottomarina are the perfect locations for spending time visiting the historical city center, or to enjoy the sun and the beach on the long lively sandy coast. Good services, great food, make these places the right choice for families and young people.
A guided tour in Chioggia is the preferable pick for those love art and curious stories about city life. The artistic movements are all visible along Corso del Popolo, main street and square of the town, and it is an impressive experience to enter inside some churches, admiring paintings and statues, and reach the top of the belltower of Saint Andrew: that’s
the icing on the cake! The tower is recognised and established as the site of the oldest mechanical clock still in function in the world, incredible!

The clock and the extraordinary point of view from the top of the tower surrounded by the bells, are the unforgettable conclusion for the walking tour in Chioggia.